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Imagine you are Jochem … The Writer

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  geeky, nerdy,
  open source, free software,
  linux, openbsd, debian,
  teaching, coding, philosophy, stoicism, writing,
  nature, environment, sustainability, climate change,
  beaches, the ocean,
  piano pingling (it isn't playing yet),
  road/gravel cycling, survival/obstacle/regular running
  zwolle, the netherlands, europe,
  space and beyond.

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A simple JavaScript Lightbox without dependencies 2024-02-19 in articles Contents Contents TLDR Abstract Features The Code JavaScript HTML CSS Most recent version TLDR photo.js: a simple zero-dependencies JavaScript image lightbox. Abstract Recently I got back into photography and wanted to show my photos on this website. So I searched the web for a script which would show large versions of the photos on a dark overlay without leaving the page. It should be easy to integrate into websites and pages should still be visible when the user has no JavaScript enabled.
IJssel Highwater long exposure 2024 2024-01-13 in photography A series of long exposure photographs made during the highwater in the IJssel of 2024. Click the thumbnails to view a larger version.
Now 2024-01-12 2024-01-12 Came to the conclusion that Hugo offers way nicer functionality (RSS, tags, autogenerated listings and so on) than my own static site generator, and that I was rebuilding Hugo myself which seemed pointless. I’ve reinstated my site using Hugo therefore. While there I also rearranged the sections, so I broke all URI’s in the process. Sorry. I did make a custom 404 page which lists an index of all content so visitors will be able to find what they were looking for.
Litterland 2023-11-12 in photography A photo series revolving around litter and its contrast to nature. Do we really find it too much effort to clean up our own trash? Click the thumbnails to view a larger version.
Web server setup with OpenBSD 2023-06-20 in articles As a hobby, I host my website on my own server. It’s currently running the OpenBSD operating system. OpenBSD comes with batteries included. Among other things, it comes with a web (http / https) server, a transparent proxy and load balancer, a mail (SMTP) server, the OpenSSH shell server and a packet filter (“firewall”). Everything you need to host your website yourself. All nicely integrated. All for free. OpenBSD is very consistent, lightweight and probably the most secure functional operating system available.
Imagine you are Jochem ... The Writer 2023-06-12 in articles Imagine you, being me. You have this vague sense of an idea. It has to get out. You feel you have to write it into a story. Or a book perhaps! You could just start. Typing one letter after another. But you want to do this right. You decide to immerse yourself in the art of writing. You read every book on writing you can find. But you only remember On Writing by Stephen King.
Long(er) Term Software 2023-06-08 in articles Abstract Occasionally I think about the software I use. Why do I get excited about running the latest and greatest? I guess I’m not as immune to fancy marketing as I would like to be. I might have found a cure, though. How it started Recently whenever I throw away plastic in our plastic bin (we do separate waste!), I’m shocked to see how much plastic we use. It’s terrible and I am ashamed.
Productivity apps 2023-05-08 in articles An app for personal to-do’s. An app for work tasks. An app for work notes. An app for personal notes. An app for reminders. An app for calendar items. An app for text editing. I changed from Microsoft Todo to Todoist as well. Each has half of my tasks. Where are those notes on the to-do item I should finish by tomorrow? You know, the to-do item I’m unable to find.
Hé Djaylazebellino 2023-04-15 in articles Bet-over-over-grootvader aan Djaylazebellino. Nu ja, eigenlijk weet ik je naam niet dus doe ik maar een gok. Net zoals ik nu gok dat jij 10 jaar oud bent en je dit leest in het jaar 02223. Vermoedelijk woon je nog steeds op planeet Aarde maar ook dat vermoeden is op het moment van schrijven op zijn best twijfelachtig. Allereerst, wees op je hoede. Ik zou er hier en daar wel eens naast kunnen zitten.
Photography without Adobe 2023-01-15 in articles About that hobby So, I used to have this hobby, photography. I liked creating photographs. It helped me getting away from the computer screen. But after a few years I didn’t notice progression anymore. Also, getting kids, switching jobs, moving houses and buying a road bike caused me to photograph less and less. But lately I have this itch. An itch to create. An itch to take up my camera again and make photo’s.