• Links for january 2021

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    The Red Hand Files Nick Cave answers questions from visitors in the form of beautifully written letters. Found in an interview with Sticks in Volkskrant Magazine of 2021-01-23.

  • Learning Scheme

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    At work, we talked our first-year students into participating in the Advent of Code 2020. It’s quite the challenge for them, but quite a few had a lot of fun solving the puzzles together. They mostly utilize PHP and JavaScript. As a fun project I thought I’d participate as well and use the occasion to learn a different way of programming as an extra challenge. Ever since rediscovering Emacs I’ve been wanting to understand elisp better.

  • File format considerations

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    When writing I just want to read what I have written. And write what I have not. In other words I only want to deal with the contents. I don’t want to get distracted by … features Such as markup. Or alignment. Or shapes. Or decoration. My files should be backed up easily. To “the cloud” 1. Or to other computers. I want to edit on my computer. Not in “the cloud”.

  • Links for november 2020

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    Hacker News Hacker News: Software development: should we stop? Maybe we should. The content of the article didn’t do it for me, but the way it was written, the use of markup colors, indentation and different sizes of text triggered me into thinking about my own abandoned blog. Eventually I decided it was time to start over and create something better. Spencer Kelly: How to be a blog Alexey Guzey Lots and lots of content.

  • On this journal

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    Contents Contents On writing Writing is important Writing lasts Writing is thinking Memory capacity and forgetting Back to the journal On writing I like writing. I often feel the need to write. Yet I don’t write regularly. At least until now. Somehow I feel like I’m only just now in a position to get the words out in a manner that suits me. I have at least a few excuses for not writing.

  • Notes on writing

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    On this document Semantic Line breaks Comments in Markdown On this document This is a collection of notes concerning writing. It’s not a tutorial on how to write. It’s aimed at writing posts for this website. Semantic Line breaks On Gwern Branwen writes: The source files are written in Pandoc Markdown (Pandoc: John MacFarlane et al; GPL) (source files: Gwern Branwen, CC-0). The Pandoc Markdown uses a number of extensions; pipe tables are preferred for anything but the simplest tables; and I use semantic linefeeds (also called “semantic line breaks” or “ventilated prose”) formatting.

  • Software used for this site

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    I use the Hugo static site generator. It’s fast, it’s very flexible and it has a learning curve. But it’s worth it. I’ve created the theme myself. When finished and worth it I will add a download link somewhere. For writing, I use an editor in development since the 1970’s called GNU Emacs. Emacs has a steep learning curve as well. But there is no piece of software which comes close to it in terms of possibilities.

  • Prutkoffie, over koffie brouwen met de SoftBrew

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    Ons espressoapparaat is een soort familielid. Elke dag staat hij voor ons klaar om een lekkere bak te maken. Maar een thermoskan vullen met espresso voor een dagje weg is, laten we zeggen, niet aan te raden. Dus ik ging op zoek naar een koffiezetapparaat. Standaard kom je dan uit bij zo’n hippe Technivorm Moccamaster, maar die neemt teveel plek in in onze bescheiden keuken. Waarschuwing vooraf: ik ben een koffiebarbaar.

  • Net geen racefiets

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    Eind augustus 2017. Al een tijdje had ik last van De Kriebel. Ik moest weg, alleen en snel! Er tussenuit. Op mijn sportfiets. Detail, ik had geen sportfiets. Als bijna zevenendertig jaar oud persoon besloot ik me eerst te gaan oriënteren. Zodat ik komend voorjaar een afgewogen besluit kon nemen over welke fiets ik ging kopen. Uiteraard eerst even overleggen met de vriendin of dat wel een goed idee is.