Photography without Adobe

by Jochem Kossen

About that hobby

So, I used to have this hobby, photography. I liked creating photographs. It helped me getting away from the computer screen. But after a few years I didn’t notice progression anymore. Also, getting kids, switching jobs, moving houses and buying a road bike caused me to photograph less and less.

But lately I have this itch. An itch to create. An itch to take up my camera again and make photo’s. A good sign I suppose.

So, where to (re)start? The easy way would be to get a new subscription with Adobe, install Lightroom and import my library. Using Lightroom increasingly left me feeling a bit dirty though:

Aside from my issues with the program Lightroom, I don’t like Adobe as a company. A few recent examples of actions I don’t like:

In short, I don’t want to depend on Adobe and be imprisoned in their “creative” cloud.

A new plan

  1. I make photos with my camera, and download them to a folder on my laptop in a structured path:


  1. My photo’s are mainly black and white and require little editing:
  1. Investigate software which does not require a cloud account.

I’ve looked at Skylum Luminar. A lifelong license is available at a premium price (compared to a monthly subscription). Its highlights include an AI-driven photo editor. So I guess it’s not for me.

I’ve also looked at a few Open Source tools:

So, for now I’m focussing on darktable.

  1. Print using tools provided by the OS or printer manufacturer.

I don’t print much, but I do own an Epson SC-P600 A3+ photo printer. It’s perfectly usable with tools provided by the OS and Epson.