by Jochem Kossen

Three weeks ago I broke my wrist. It was two days before the holidays started. I was planning on doing a lot of sportive activities, but improbability had other plans. Reshifted focus towards more technical projects and reading.

  • Learning C by building a static site generator. I'm also working through Jens Gustedt's book Modern C. Code at Codeberg.
  • Hacker News mentioned 100 Rabbits, an artist collective creating lots of cool stuff like Uxn. They also consume as little resources as possible. All in all, a hugely inspiring duo. I'm planning on working through Compudanza's introduction to Uxn book.
  • Came across the concept of Permacomputing, and Frugal Computing which far better explains my thoughts on Long Term Software. Lots of links with Uxn as well.
  • As for reading non-technical books:
    • I'm re-reading Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
    • I'm reading Sum by David Eagleman
    • I'm reading The Monk and the Philosopher by Mathieu Ricard.

(Dutch) Ik schreef een brief aan mijn achter-achter-achter-achter-achterkleinkind, geïnspireerd door Roman Krznaric.