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A simple JavaScript Lightbox without dependencies 2024-02-19 in articles Contents Contents TLDR Abstract Features The Code JavaScript HTML CSS Most recent version TLDR photo.js: a simple zero-dependencies JavaScript image lightbox. Abstract Recently I got back into photography and wanted to show my photos on this website. So I searched the web for a script which would show large versions of the photos on a dark overlay without leaving the page. It should be easy to integrate into websites and pages should still be visible when the user has no JavaScript enabled.
Learning Scheme 2021-01-03 in articles At work, we talked our first-year students into participating in the Advent of Code 2020. It’s quite the challenge for them, but quite a few had a lot of fun solving the puzzles together. They mostly utilize PHP and JavaScript. As a fun project I thought I’d participate as well and use the occasion to learn a different way of programming as an extra challenge. Ever since rediscovering Emacs I’ve been wanting to understand elisp better.