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File format considerations 2020-11-22 in articles When writing I just want to read what I have written. And write what I have not. In other words I only want to deal with the contents. I don’t want to get distracted by … features Such as markup. Or alignment. Or shapes. Or decoration. My files should be backed up easily. To “the cloud” 1. Or to other computers. I want to edit on my computer. Not in “the cloud”.
On this journal 2020-11-16 in articles Contents Contents On writing Writing is important Writing lasts Writing is thinking Memory capacity and forgetting Back to the journal On writing I like writing. I often feel the need to write. Yet I don’t write regularly. At least until now. Somehow I feel like I’m only just now in a position to get the words out in a manner that suits me. I have at least a few excuses for not writing.