Notes on writing

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On this document

This is a collection of notes concerning writing. It’s not a tutorial on how to write. It’s aimed at writing posts for this website.

Semantic Line breaks

On Gwern Branwen writes:

The source files are written in Pandoc Markdown (Pandoc: John MacFarlane et al; GPL) (source files: Gwern Branwen, CC-0). The Pandoc Markdown uses a number of extensions; pipe tables are preferred for anything but the simplest tables; and I use semantic linefeeds (also called “semantic line breaks” or “ventilated prose”) formatting.

TODO: investigate this. Is it worth it? M-q with Emacs makes very pretty paragraphs :-P

Is there a mode for Emacs? Is there something which can prevent M-q from messing the text up aside from disabling it?

Comments in Markdown

in org-mode, comments are easy. Markdown does not seem to provide this. Is abusing link labels acceptable? Does it work everywhere?


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