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Goals for 2020

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2019 was the year in which I finished my training to become a teacher in software development. It took a bit of effort, but with that out of the way, I feel like I have room for taking on new projects. So without further ado:

Jochem’s goals for 2020

  • Get back into coding
  • Decide on a $DEFAULT_CODING_ENVIRONMENT for 2020. Currently I’m dabbling with .Net Core and Java. Both great technologies. I’m currently leaning towards Java.
  • Think of and create a game in $DEFAULT_CODING_ENVIRONMENT
  • Code “Meesterwerk”, an assignments system for schools with rubrics, groups, teams, … It will be developed under an Open Source license, and probably using $DEFAULT_CODING_ENVIRONMENT. Expect ongoing updates somewhere on this site
  • Ride my roadbike more
  • Bicycle one trip of at least 200km
  • Switch from Wordpress to my own blogging engine (oops, this one’s done)
  • Renovate our house (oh man …)
  • Create and print more photographs
  • Learn to play Sweet Dreams by the Eurithmics on the guitar completely
  • Write a short fictional story
  • Write more journal entries
  • Read more books (see Books I’ve read)
  • Be more ambitious about goals and reaching them ;-)