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Hyperdoc lessons with Microsoft Teams

by jochem
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Hyperdocs were created around Google Docs, which works great for lots of teachers. But what if you work at a school which has opted for a Microsoft Office365 environment? You could use Teams.

A Hyperdoc is a highly interactive document containing links, questions, forms and whatnot to guide the student through a pedagogically sound learning process. For a more detailed description go to the Hyperdocs website.

Students create their own copy of the document, do everything that’s required in the corresponding Hyperdoc (answer the questions, create the required work, reflect, …) and turn the document in so the teacher can review and supply feedback (and -up and -forward of course! ;-))

It sounds simple enough, and since Teams was released into the education world, a workflow like this can be used within a Microsoft environment as well. When you create an assignment within Teams, you can add “resources” which are documents, web links or a OneNote page.

By default, resources are set to “Students edit their own copy” which is perfect for this use case. Whenever students turn in their assignment, the teacher gets to review the student’s version of the supplied document. If you don’t want this, and just want to supply reading material, you can select “Students can’t edit” in the drop-down. Just click the down-arrow:

If your resource is an Office365 document (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), students can edit the document online within Teams itself, but they can also opt to edit it in their local copy of the corresponding application.

As a teacher, you can review the documents online within Teams which makes the review process fast and painless:

Students get the feedback immediately so they can use it to improve their work. Then they can turn it in for review again. For more information, see “Review, return, and turn in assignments using the feedback loop“.