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  • Podcast tip: Design Matters: Christoph Niemann

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    I don’t think the Design Matters podcast can be recommended enough. Lots of great interviews with inspiring people, and she’s been going strong for fourteen years! Great stuff. I first learned about Christoph Niemann in the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. He makes wonderful stuff. Check him out on Instagram as well at abstractsunday. As for the topic of this post, Debbie Millman interviews Christoph Niemann about his work, what talent means, inspiration and of course about spooning.
  • Podcast tip: Makers Radio, Het Topstuk #13

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    Een erg leuke en interessante aflevering van MakersRadio waar ze in gaan op de vraag wat kunst is. Daarnaast praten ze over vervalsers (o.a. Han van Meegeren), vervalsingen, vervalsingen van vervalsingen en ga zo maar door. Beluister de podcast hier
  • Podcast tip: MakersRadio, Plasticjagers #6

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    Deze aflevering van MakersRadio stamt uit 2016, maar ik beluisterde hem pas nu. Over hoe Merijn Tinga met zijn gezin een zeilreis maakt om aandacht te vragen voor het plasticprobleem in de zeeën. Inspirerend! Beluister de podcast hier
  • Podcast tip: How I built this: Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard

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    Let’s say you want to buy some product. Any product. What if this product was built to last, comes with a lifetime warranty, can be recycled after it is well-worn, is fixable if it was to somehow break and to top it all off it’s made with the environment in mind So you buy this product and after 10 years it’s finally worn out. You can contact the company and they will help you recycle the worn product into something new.